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Advanced Controller for Pentapack Blistermachines

BP 540 ThermoformerThe Trialpack PC Controller is a PC based hardware/software combination to control a Pentapack blistermachine, adding higher format flexibility, a powerful software shift register and automatic production data recording. The software shift register tracks down to the individual pocket level and provides signals to control knife and forming stations and to check for splices and third party pinhole detection devices.

PC Controller Screen ShotThe Trialpack PC Controller hardware consists of a personal computer (PC) with an interface to the blister machine.

The software consists of two applications Trialpack Designer and Trialpack Controller. The Trialpack Controller software is running on the provided PC and controls the blistermachine and print and camera processes during production. The Trialpack Designer is used to define the blister format and to design the print image. It can run on any standard Windows 7 or 10 office PC and is fully networkable.

The system optionally controls the activation of up to 5 filling pockets for each individal row, permitting the production of asymmetrical blister packs.

The Trialpack PC Controller permits to use Trialprint thermal transfer printers to print on the cover foil. This allows flexible printing of information such as patient compliance instructions on the full surface of the inner and outer side of the cover foil.

An optional camera system provides sophisticated and easy to configure filling verification for transparent and cold form materials. The Trialpack Controller Vision option is a hardware/software combination able to verify the presence and integrity of products in blister pockets before sealing. The associated software checks the blister content row by row just before sealing during production.

The Trialpack PC Controller also provides the base for the controlled dosing solution.

The Trialpack PC Controller is also available as a retrofit option for existing Pentapack and Klöckner CT/EAS blistermachines from Fleximation or with new machines from Pentapack.


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