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Trialpack Controlled Dosing Blister Packaging System

Fully Automatic Mixed Blister Packaging System for Clinical Trials

Trialpack 700 with two cameras

Trialpack 700 Two Camera Configuration

Trialpack Controlled Dosing Blister Packaging System are fully automatic blister packaging systems purpose designed for packaging clinical supplies. It permits the packaging of blister packs comprising two different products in freely programmable patterns with full camera system placement verification.

Based on a Pentapack blister machine, it comprises a control system based on the Trialpack PC Controller with control interfaces to individual dosing units and an extended vision system. The system controls two cameras and a signal interface to operate a controlled blister pocket dosing unit developed by Pentapack. This permits the automatic filing of two different products in a freely programmable pattern.

Indvidual Dosing Units

Individual Dosing Units

To guarantee 100% packaging security, an optional first camera will verify that each blister cavity is empty while the second and third one will verify the correct placement of the first and the second product according to the programmed pattern.

As with the standard Trialpack PC Controller, in addition to the standard Trialprint interface, the system optionally controls the activation of up to 5 filling pockets for each individal row, permitting the production of asymmetrical blister packs.

System Operation

Trialpack 700 Diagramm

Key Features


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